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Herbs For Life Ojibwa Tea and Extract as well as the Ojibwa Booklet may be purchased on line using PayPal secure checkout.

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Ojibwa TeaTea - 6oz Bag (makes approx 2 gallons)
Make approx 2 gallons of Ojibwa Tea by following the simple brewing instructions included with each packet

$54.00 each
(plus Shipping & Handling)

Ojibwa TeaTea - 3oz Bag (makes approx 1 gallon)
Make approx 1 gallon of Ojibwa Tea by following the simple brewing instructions included with each packet.

$30.00 each
(plus Shipping & Handling)

Ojibwa ExtractExtract - 1 to 2 Month Supply
Absorbed into the blood stream more efficiently than powders, drinks, teas, capsules, or tablets because the formula is a low alcohol (20%) fluid extract. The Extract may be added to warm water or juice if desired. More..

$36.00 each
(plus Shipping & Handling)

32 OZ. Ready-made Ojibwa Tea - 2 week supply32 OZ. Ojibwa Readymade Fresh To Order Tea
2 week supply Herbal Tea

Ojibwa tea absorbs into the blood stream more efficiently.

$30.00 each
(plus Shipping & Handling)


32 OZ Empty Amber Glass Bottle Only

Ojibwa Tea must be stored in amber glass bottles with proper sterilization due to light sensitivity.

$7.00 each
(plus Shipping & Handling)

Ojibwa BookBook - Ojibwa
An Herbal Tea And Extract Blend

Booklet Includes: questions and answers, testimonials from doctors and Ojibwa users as well as the potential benefits of Ojibwa for pets.

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