(A Natural Herbal Remedy)

By Dr. Howard Peiper

"A Holy drink that purifies the body and places it back in balance with the Great Spirit"

Ojibwa Indian

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What Others are saying about Ojibwa for their pets.

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"Thanks for sending the Ojibwa in a timely manner. My dog Nappy is doing great. You would not believe that he was dying (from cancer) just a week ago. Some people say that he couldn't have been as ill as I claim and that he must have been feeling blue. He is running, jumping and playing as if nothing had happened. God bless Ojibwa extract."

Trevor and his mom.

"Our nine year old miniature apricot poodle named Sam was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The veterinarian determined that the abscess on Sam's pancreas was the size of a grapefruit and that surgery was necessary.

After the surgery I started administering the Ojibwa, 5 drops at a time, 3 times a day. The vet predicted that to shrink an abscess of this size might take 6 to 8 weeks. Within 2 weeks the abscess was the size of a walnut. Out vet stated In thirty years of practice, I've never seen a pup survive a severe case as Sam's (pancreatitis) was. By 4 weeks the vet could no longer feel the abscess at all. The treatment Sam received was standard procedure and consisted of surgery, flushing, drains and antibiotics. In addition to the conventional medicine, Sam received Ojibwa 3 times a day throughout his illness and continues to receive it twice a day now that he is healthy and well.
Currently, another patient of our vet is also taking Ojibwa, which the vet recommended."

Patty C.

"My 6 year old white, deaf house cat Snowflake had a breast lump removed. This was the third in a year and it was cancerous. The first was not and we are not sure about the second because the vet didn't send it to the lab for testing. We brought her to a specialist because two pea sized cancer lumps returned near the site of her last surgery, and one a little further up her side. He suggested radical mastectomy of the remaining breasts and lymph gland removal followed by chemo. We could not put our Snowflake through all this surgery and ruin her quality of life for whatever time she had left.
I went on the Internet and thank God I found Ojibwa. I gave her 6 drops twice a day mixed with tuna juice (spring water squeezed from a can of tuna). She loved it and thought it was a treat.
Three weeks after we started, the two lumps near her last surgery disappeared. Three weeks later the last lump was gone! We continued for 16 weeks total (the same amount of time the vet wanted her on chemo). The entire time we gave her lots of love. After about the third week her energy improved and she is very playful again."

John P.

"I have an Aussie pup (12 weeks) that was diagnosed with an oral/viral based, very fast and rare cancer in the front of her mouth. In a two-week period it went from raisin sized to walnut sized. The vet gave her less than 4 weeks to live.
That was 3 years ago! Within 6 months, after treating her religiously with Ojibwa and some other herbals to promote both growth and to stop the bleeding, the cancer was gone from the surface. When she turned 2 years old, our vet x-rayed her jaw and not only was the cancer completely gone, but all of her teeth are present - when it had not been evident during the initial stages of the cancer. She is alive and wonderful!
My vet was amazed. I believe, if caught early, and by being consistent with the Ojibwa, it does make a difference."

Rawns T.

"My furperson (Paws, a cat) was diagnosed with mast cell tumors that his vet had initially said were just skin blips, nothing to worry about. It seemed like he had a new one everyday and they ranged in size from pencil point size to dime size. I started giving him Ojibwa extract in clam juice. Well, within several days, these skin blips seemed to disappear. Today we keep him on a daily maintenance dosage, just to play it safe. Thank you for saving my Paws."

Linda R.

"I am so thankful for your Ojibwa extract. I have a retired racing greyhound who is now 12 years old. I have been watching him suffer with arthritis for some time now. I started him on a regimen of the Ojibwa and all is normal with him. Thanks so much for all of your help."

Ann E.

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It is recommended that one completes a cleansing and detoxification program with Ojibwa every six months to maintain good health. However, if you are not in good health, are low in energy, have an increased biological age, or are suffering form an illness, it is important to remain on a cleansing and detoxification program until health has returned, your energy levels have increased, biological age is reduced and you no longer feel any physical symptoms associated with these conditions.

Boost Immune System

Improves Skin Condition

Calms the Body

Increases Energy

Decreases Pain

Helps Digestion

Protects Against Toxins

Enhances Overall Well Being

Reduces Heavy Metals

Decreases Nodular Mass

Prevents Detrimental Effects of Aluminum Poisoning

Heals Intestinal Burns (radiation therapy)

Prevents & Corrects Constipation

"This booklet is an excellent resource on how Ojibwa can enhance your health. The information contained in this booklet can empower you and help you live a healthy life."

Howard Peiper, N.D.

Disclaimer - This article on Ojibwa has been written and presented strictly for information and educational purposes only. The information conveyed herein is based on records and papers, both ancient and modern, gathered from our naturopathic library. Neither producer nor seller makes any claims whatsoever as to any specific benefits arising from the use of this information. Information supplied should not replace the advice of your health practitioner. Always see your practitioner if suffering an illness or accident.
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