What Others Are Saying About OJIBWA

"When I was 39 years old, I felt a lump in my left breast the size of a large pea. I started feeling fatigued and thought there might be something wrong. The first thing I did was make an appointment to see my doctor. After spending several minutes with my doctor, he came to the conclusion that the lumps might have something to do with the breast implants I had put in when I was 23 years old. My doctor said nothing about doing a biopsy nor did he suggest a mammogram. I felt like I was living this nightmare alone and everyone was making me feel as though I was imagining all of this. The next thing I did was to go see my OB-GYN and he basically said the same thing as the previous doctor. However, this time I asked if he could set me up for a mammogram and he said yes, but that he did not expect to find anything. I asked the nurse doing the mammogram if she could pay special attention to the lump on my left breast. When she came back into the room she said everything looks fine and come back in two years. I lost all faith in the medical profession. For the next month I started feeling poorly and knew I had to do something.

I started taking Ojibwa and immediately felt better and the lump appeared to be shrinking. At this point I knew I was running out of time so I went to visit a plastic surgeon to have my implants removed and hopefully solve this mysterious lump. The day of my surgery, the doctor noticed the lump and did a biopsy. After the surgery, the doctor explained that I did have breast cancer and sent me to an Oncologist. The day I saw the Oncologist, I explained to him that I was taking an Indian herbal remedy (Ojibwa) and I had decided that whatever happened my mind was set on not doing chemo or radiation. He did not agree with my decision, but said we must wait and see.

I did have a lumpectomy and lymph node surgery, however the cancer had not metastasized! I had my last mammogram a few weeks ago and everything looks great. I take my Ojibwa daily. I believe my reason for having breast cancer is so I can tell young women all over the world that you shouldn’t wait until you are 40 years old before you have a mammogram and if you feel a lump of any kind, demand a biopsy!"

Sandy McKelvey Sarasota, FL

"I am writing this letter to tell you just how great I feel after taking the Ojibwa. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and I was taking Vioox 25 mg. for pain. I had a bad reaction from the medication. My sister sent me a bottle of Ojibwa and within 2 days I could move again and with little to no pain. After continuing taking the Ojibwa, I have discontinued the Vioox and now when I get up in the mornings, I am pain free. I take it 3 times a day and am so PLEASED and happy to tell you, I am a NEW ME."

Marian S.

"I would like to thank you for the work that you are contributing to help people with AIDS or HIV. If it was not for you and the Ojibwa, I would not have the hope and ambition that I have today. In November of 1993, I tested positive for HIV. I was scared and very depressed because I thought my life was over. I spoke with a friend of mine and she said there was an herbal extract that was being used on people with HIV. She gave me the phone number and information about this wonderful product.

I started taking the Ojibwa. At the time, I was 27 years old and had a T-cell count of 479 and dropping. During Christmas, the count had dropped as low as 267. My doctor wanted to place me on AZT and I did not want to take it, I refused. I would like to tell you that I only use Ojibwa for I do not believe in the drugs on the market. I started on the Ojibwa 3 times a day and changed my diet to no meats and more fruits and vegetables. At the time I weighed 181 pounds, all of it was mostly fat. So, I decided to join a gym to become more firm and reduce stress. I also started working a full time 40 hour week job to take my mind off the concept of living with AIDS and being HIV positive.

Since I have been taking the Ojibwa and correcting my nutritional habits, I visit the gym 3 to 5 times a week for an hour or two. My T-cells are now 869 and my weight is 174 pounds and turning into muscle. The Ojibwa has been very helpful for it has increased my energy and helped my mental emotions. I want to thank you very much because without taking Ojibwa, I wouldn’t be around today to write this testimonial."

William M.