Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long has Herbs for Life been in business?
A) Herbs For Life has been in business since 1993

Q) Can you give us a little background on Rene Caisse?
A) Yes, this particular article was printed in the Sarasota Eco Report on January 1st 1994 and was voted The Years Best Story.

Rene Caisse was a nurse living in Canada who for a period of almost sixty years treated hundreds of people with an herbal remedy she called Essiac. She discovered this remedy through a patient in the hospital where she worked who had been cured of cancer. The patient had used an herbal remedy given to her by an Ojibwa herbalist.


Rene left the hospital in 1922 at age 33, and went to Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada where she began administering Essiac to all who came to her. The majority of those whom she treated came on referral with letters from their physicians certifying that they had incurable, or terminal, forms of cancer and that they had been given up by the medical profession as not treatable. Rene began gathering the plants and preparing the herbal remedy herself in her own kitchen, in a building lent her for her patients. She administered Essiac to them. However, in some cases where there was severe damage to life support organs, her patients died- but they lived far longer than the medical profession had predicted, and , more significantly, they lived free of pain. Still others, listed as hopeless and terminal, but without severe damage to life support organs, were cured and lived 35-45 years (many are still living).

So startling was the effectiveness of this simple herbal remedy, it could not be ignored, and the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Parliament became involved. Friends, former patients, and grateful families petitioned Canadian officialdom for Rene Caisse’s right to administer the remedy to anyone who asked for it with the threat of interference from authorities. Fifty-five thousand signatures were collected on the petition. In 1938, Essiac came with three votes of being legalized by the Ontario government as a remedy for terminal cancer patients. Rene died in 1978 at the age of 90. The story of Rene Caisse, her life, her work, and the effectiveness of the remedy she named Essiac, is told in a book titled “ Calling of an Angel, by Dr.Gary Glum of Los Angeles.

Q) What is the difference between the Tea and the Extract?
A) The difference between the two products is very simple. When you purchase the Ojibwa Herbs you will get a mixed bag of the herbs that are ready for brewing.
Brewing instructions are available here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

From my experience brewing the Tea is very similar to canning. Most people do not have the time to prepare the tea in this fashion that is why in 1997 we developed the extract. Keep in mind that the Herbs and the Extract come from the same recipe they are just in different forms. If you decide to purchase the Extract for an illness you will need to take 10 drops 3 X daily. If you are using the product for a preventative you will take 5 drops 3 X daily.

Ojibwa Extract is absorbed into the blood stream and more efficiently than powders, drinks, teas, capsules, or tablets, because the formula is a low alcohol (20%) fluid extract. The Extract may be added to warm water or juice if desired. The bottle will last 1-2 months depending on the dosage.

Ojibwa Extract contains no added fillers, flavors, colors, solid boosters or sweeteners. Only herbs, pure alcohol and filtered water. Ojibwa Extract is manufactured in Canadian facilities that meet or exceed pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices and Kosher Certification standards for quality, purity and cleanliness.

After following the directions on brewing the Ojibwa Tea, heat 2oz of distilled water then add 2oz of cold tea and drink. If you are using the tea for an illness take the tea 2 x daily. Morning and Evening are the best times. Make sure to take on an empty stomach 1-2 hours before of after eating.

Q) Why do some companies add other ingredients to the formula? E.g. Red Clover, Blessed Thistle, Watercress?
A) At Herbs For Life we decided that if our product is working why we would want to change it. We have used the original Rene Caisse formula since starting the company in 1993 and have many satisfied customers.

Q) What if I just want to use the product as a preventative?
A) I have always felt that using the Tea or Extract as a preventative is an excellent idea! We all need to free our bodies of toxins, build our immune systems, and purify the blood.

Q) Were are the products manufactured? How did the Ojibwa Extract come about?
A) The products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada in a facility owned and operated by the Thuna family. Al Thuna, is the resident Master Herbalist who worked with the original formulation to create our version of Ojibwa Extract.

Mr. Thuna created this concentrated liquid form after we were deluged with requests from retailers, practitioners, and users. The secrets to its success are simple. Al Thuna demands that nothing but the finest quality herbs are used as the basis for this formula.

You can also click the link below to download our Booklet for more Q& A and also read some testimonials from long time Ojibwa Tea and Extract users.